Best Ukulele Straps

Looking for an awesome ukulele strap?

Adding a strap to your uke can mean more freedom, greater comfort, and greater convenience.

While you might not use it all the time, it’s going to come in handy when you’re standing up, and for those times when you’re camping or playing on a canoe in the middle of a lake somewhere.

Seriously…I’m not kidding. This is my personal favorite use for a ukulele strap!

First Look:

What to Look for in a Ukulele Strap

A strap’s a strap, right? Well, that’s true to a certain extent but there are a couple of things to think about while you’re shopping.

Type of Ukulele Strap

There are a few basic ukulele strap types: Folk-guitar style clip on straps that attach to the sound hole and perhaps another point on the uke, and traditional straps that attach to pegs that are installed on your ukulele either prior to purchase or afterward. Some straps come with compatible buttons of pegs, so there’s nothing extra to buy.

Ukulele leashes have gained popularity – these are straps that you fasten onto yourself and your ukulele. You don’t need buttons to use them.

There are also semi-guitar style ukulele straps that tie around the headstock and attach to a single button on the butt of the ukulele.

This type is more comfortable for some players, but it can put a little extra strain on your ukulele’s neck.

If you want to try this type, you can easily modify a normal guitar strap or ukulele strap by buttoning the strap onto the butt of your ukulele and using a headstock adapter that attaches it to the ukulele’s headstock, just behind the nut.

Strap Width

If you’re only going to play for a little while, a skinny strap will probably be fine. For longer sessions, wider straps that look like traditional guitar straps are usually preferable.

Granted, ukes are generally lightweight instruments but just like anything else, they can start to feel a little heavy after a while, particularly while you’re still learning.

Materials and Appearance

Looks aren’t everything but who wants an ugly strap? Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! My point here is, when choosing a ukulele strap, pick one that appeals to your personal sense of aesthetics. You’ll be a lot happier with something you like the looks of.

Quality materials can make a difference, too. Yes, you’ll pay a little more for something better, but it’ll last a whole lot longer!

Cloudmusic Colorful Hawaiian Ukulele Strap – Best Traditional Ukulele Strap

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If you’re looking for a classic ukulele strap then you’re probably going to love this one from Cloudmusic. Colorful cotton looks and feels fantastic, while leather ends provide protection from excess wear and tear.

This neck strap is fully adjustable, going from about 29.5 inches at its shortest to 51.97 inches at its longest. It comes with strap buttons as well as a cord in case you want to tie it onto your headstock.


  • Fits all ukuleles
  • Comes with nice extras
  • Feels comfortable


  • Not super soft at first, needs to be broken in
  • Underside of the strap isn’t quite as pretty as the outside

Sherrin’s Threads Hawaiian Print Ukulele Strap – Best Handmade Ukulele Strap

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Wow! Want an awesome traditional ukulele strap that supports an artisan and your instrument at the same time? Definitely go check out Sherrin’s Threads. I recently found these uke straps and I am head over heels.

OK. On to the review. This beautiful Hawaiian Print neck strap has durable tanned leather ends with secure stitching and Sherrin’s pretty Hibiscus logo.

It is made with a vibrant cotton or poly/cotton fabric, which is stitched to a durable nylon webbed backing. This strap is adjustable from 33 inches to 56 inches. It fits ukuleles, banjoleles, mandolins, and other small instruments, and it’s handmade in California.


  • Superb quality
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Feels great and fits securely


  • Priced a little higher than market average

Music First Lotus Flower Ukulele Strap – Best Semi Guitar Style Ukulele Strap

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Made with soft nylon and durable leather, the Music First Lotus Flower ukulele strap offers a traditional look and a super-comfortable feel. It adjusts from 27.5 inches to 48 inches long. An attractive leather strap locker and a strap button are included.


  • Feels soft and comfortable right out of the package
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Versatile – can be used with 2 strap pegs or attached to the headstock
  • Fits different sized ukuleles and other small instruments, i.e. mandolins and banjoleles


  • Leather strap locker can cause some wear on strings above the nut; some players swap it out for a thinner cord

UkeLoop Strap System – Best No Drill Ukulele Strap

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The UkeLoop ukulele strap system can be used in a variety of positions, and it’s a good option for ukuleles with non-traditional body styles.

Made of durable webbing with reliable leather ends, this no-drill ukulele strap without button provides the best of both worlds for players who don’t want to add strap buttons:

It relies on a durable disc with a double-stick padded square, which attaches to the back side of the ukulele out of sight. You can wear it like a clip-on uke strap, or you can release one end and use the matching leather tie to attach it to the headstock for a feel that’s similar to a traditional ukulele strap. The length adjusts from 27 inches to 45 inches.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Very versatile & well balanced
  • No strap buttons needed


  • Plain black color – not visually interesting
  • Once the adhesive is on, it can be hard to remove

Lohanu Clip On Ukulele Strap – Best Cheap Ukulele Strap

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If looks aren’t your main concern and you prefer a clip-on uke strap, you’ll probably like the feeling of security you get with this one from Lohanu.

Made from medium-width black nylon webbing, it simply attaches to your ukulele’s sound hole or fits around the headstock to double as a ukulele leash. It adjusts from 34 to 51.5 inches and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a couple of free picks.


  • Fits all ukulele sizes & almost all players
  • Really cheap
  • No strap pegs required
  • Versatile design lets you find a comfortable position


  • Looks plain and utilitarian
  • Feels a little rough on skin
  • This type of strap still requires you to keep a grip on your uke, especially for top-heavy larger sizes

Final Thoughts

That’s it! You might take a little time to adjust to your new ukulele strap but once you’re accustomed to the feel, you’re going to like the way it supports your instrument so you feel less hand fatigue, enjoy faster tuneups, and even multi-task a bit while keeping your ukulele safely around your neck. Happy playing!


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