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The Best Ukulele Books For You

A plethora to choose from!

by Jennifer VanBenschoten

I’ll admit it: I am a hoarder of ukulele books. Ever since I started playing musical instruments at the age of seven, I have loved music books. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, there’s just something about a great ukulele music book. Maybe it’s because I can feel all the potential for learning and growing as a ukulele player in the pages. Or maybe there’s just something about flipping through a ukulele music book on a rainy or snowy day and finding something that brings back memories of childhood or high school.

Whatever it is about ukulele music books, I have an entire bookshelf filled with good old-fashioned paper ukulele music books that are there for me when I want to learn something new. I love being able to scribble my own notes in the margins of the pages and having something tactile in my hand when I’m learning a new skill on the ukulele.

Are you in the market for a new ukulele book? Here are my picks for the best ukulele music book from the Terry Carter Music Store collection!

Best Ukulele Music Books

Master the Ukulele Book 1: This is the perfect ukulele music book for a complete beginner on the ukulele, or for an advanced beginner who is looking for a more structured do-it-yourself approach to learning the ukulele! In addition to learning popular songs on the ukulele, you’ll also get plenty of technical exercises and music theory to round out your ukulele learning experience.

Lots of great info on scales, strumming techniques, and tips for making smooth and fast chord changes in this ukulele music book. A must-have for any self-taught beginner!

Beginning Baritone Ukulele Boot Camp: Got your first baritone but can’t find any good instruction books for it? The Beginning Baritone Ukulele Boot Camp book has you covered! You’ll find pages packed with information about tuning, chords, a wide range of songs from beginner to more advanced levels to keep you challenged and engaged, and scales and technical exercises to help you develop as a musician.

This is probably the best ukulele music book for anyone interested in adding the baritone ukulele to their lineup of ukulele skills and start playing their favorite songs on the baritone ukulele.

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Beginning Music Reading Book for Ukulele: Something I encounter frequently as a ukulele teacher is people who are afraid of learning how to read music. I totally understand where they’re coming from because learning to read music can seem difficult and feel like an impossible task for a beginner. If you want to learn how to read music as part of your ukulele practice, the Beginning Music Reading Book for Ukulele is for you!

This is one of the best ukulele music books for anyone who wants to learn how to read music but doesn’t know where to start. You will find easy-to-understand musical examples and songs, basic music theory, information about both low g and high g ukuleles, and even how to take your ukulele playing up the neck with a fretboard map that shows you all the notes and where they’re located!

Ukulele Soloing Secrets Book for Beginners: Playing amazing solos on the ukulele is probably the dream of every single ukulele player I know. Imagine being able to play amazing ukulele solos so that you can just let yourself get completely lost in the music and let your instrument sing out loud! Of course, the way some ukulele players can solo on the ukulele might seem like magic.

But it’s actually easier than you might think to create and perform fabulous ukulele solos if you know a few simple music theory concepts. In this book, you’ll learn how to use simple scales in the key of C major and just three strings of your ukulele to add soloing to your list of ukulele skills. You don’t even need to be an advanced ukulele player – even a beginner can start playing fabulous ukulele solos by following the techniques outlined in this ukulele music book!

The Ukulele 4 Chord Songbook: A personal favorite of mine, this book shows you just how versatile a few simple chords can be! This book includes more than 50 songs from all different genres of music that you can play with just four simple chords: C major, G major, A minor, and F major. What I love best about this book is how it gives you plenty of practice in strumming and singing along with some of the most well-known songs of the last few decades.

A real testament to the versatility of both the ukulele and a simple chord progression! These songs are great for campfires, weddings, ukulele clubs and groups, or easy lessons for new players. You will love learning and re-learning the songs in this ukulele music book!

Besides this top 5 ukulele books, there a complete ukulele book collection available for you in the Make sure to check all the books in stock that will definitely help you improve your ukulele skills, while having fun playing your favorite songs.

Happy strumming!

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