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Best Online Ukulele Lessons Sites for Beginners

by Terry
uke for beginners

New to ukulele? On a budget and longing for lessons?

If so, you’ll be glad to discover that there are tons of free resources available including several sites that offer free ukulele lessons designed to help you get started.

We searched high and low, signed up for tons of different plans, and strummed along, all in the name of bringing you this list of sites offering the best free ukulele lessons (no) money can buy.

At a Glance: Top 3 Picks

Uke Like the Pros

  • Well-organized lessons
  • Fun, friendly learning style
  • Try for free before committing to a purchase
Try it Free

Ukulele Tricks

  • Each lesson is broken down into several short videos
  • Lots of good info on the site
  • Site has some free content for intermediate and experienced players

Learning Ukulele with Curt

  • Super-organized lesson library
  • Tons of resources
  • Three free ebooks

Most of our reviews include pros and cons. Since these sites are giving away ukulele lessons at no cost, we really have no room to criticize! Instead, we’re listing some standout features from each site in case you’re in a hurry and you’d like to skim through the list of the best online ukulele lessons for beginners.

Most of all, we’d like you to know that you have nothing to lose when you sign up with any of these sites. You can always unsubscribe if the lessons aren’t quite right for you. Have fun!

#1 Uke Like the Pros

Best Features

  • Well-organized lessons
  • Exceptional instructor
  • Fun, friendly learning style
  • Great way to try before committing to a purchase; no need to enter any payment info

Uke Like the Pros is best known for its interactive lesson format and its huge library of content, which is updated regularly.

Like most other ukulele lessons sites out there, this one offers most of its content on a paid subscription basis.

There’s some good news for beginners on a budget, though: Terry Carter, who owns the site and provides the lessons, offers his Ukulele Fundamentals course for free.

All you have to do is enter a valid email and a first name, and you’re good to go. Links to the free ukulele lessons are sent to the email address you provide, so be sure to go back and check it after you sign up.

It took a few minutes for the link to show up when we registered for free lessons from Uke Like the Pros, but after that, we received six daily emails with additional lessons, right on schedule. Terry also threw in a download of “The Most Important Chords for Ukulele,” which will help any beginner.

#2 Ukulele Tricks

Best Features

  • Each lesson is broken down into several short videos
  • Lots of good info on the site – even for people who decide not to sign up
  • Free list of beginners ukulele songs to try out before you sign up
  • Site has some free content for intermediate and experienced players as well as beginners

If you’re just starting out, head over to Ukulele Tricks for four free lessons designed to help you acquaint yourself with your new instrument.

There are fourteen videos total in this free ukulele course, and when you’re finished, you’ll know a few strumming patterns and be able to play some simple songs.

Instructor Brett McQueen has a friendly, enthusiastic approach to teaching. We had a lot of fun strumming along! You get more than just free ukulele lessons when you sign up: Brett also provides free access to his digital ukulele lesson book, Your First Ukulele Lesson and Then Some.

There’s no need to enter any payment information to sign up; simply provide a working email address and start learning ukulele for free.

#3 Learning Ukulele with Curt

Best Features

  • Super-organized lesson library
  • Tons of resources (Learning Ukulele has been online for 20+ years now)
  • Three free ebooks when you sign up for the free Bronze ukulele lessons level
  • Excellent professional instructor, great focus on music theory and learning to play the ukulele the right way, no shortcuts that might cause trouble for you later

Curt Sheller knows more than a thing or two about the Ukulele and just like the other uke heroes who offer free ukulele lessons for beginners and beyond, he’s providing some pretty amazing resources at no cost to subscribers.

We are huge fans of Curt’s one-on-one instruction style, which is available for a surprisingly affordable price, but here we’re focusing on the free content he provides.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up for a free “Bronze” plan. This gets you instant access to a free lessons library plus ukulele songs you can learn at no cost.

When you see the list of lessons, you’ll have access to those marked with the bronze star. You can see other lesson titles for paid levels but you won’t be able to access those without an upgrade. You do not have to provide any payment information to sign up for Learning Ukulele.  Do check your email right away since Curt sends out helpful links and a guide to getting started to all of his new subscribers.

#4 Uke School

Best Features

  • All pages have a ukulele tuner at the top so you don’t have to stop and search
  • Lessons are broken down into small segments so there’s less pausing
  • Fun, entertaining instructor
  • Great content for beginners and advanced players alike

Uke School is amazing because all the resources there are free for you to enjoy. These free ukulele lessons aren’t quite as comprehensive as some others we’ve tried but we really like the way everything is broken down into bite-size chunks for easy digestibility.

Uke School lessons are neatly organized by skill level, so you can find what you’re looking for without much of a search. Be sure to stop by if you are left-handed, since this site has a section specifically dedicated to southpaws.

These fun, free lessons are brought to you by “Pineapple” Pete Gray, who gives in-person lessons in Toronto. Thanks for creating such an amazing resource, Pete! We appreciate it.

#5 Center Stage Ukulele Academy

Best Features

  • Useful lessons for every level
  • Exceptional content, even though the amount is limited

While the free ukulele lessons at Center Stage Ukulele Academy are designed to provide a “try before you buy” experience, they’re still worth checking out! There are a couple of song tutorials, plus some easy ukulele chords for beginners.

Additionally, you can check out a free ukulele fingerstyle lesson and a guide to forming ukulele barre chords.

#6 Rock Class 101

Best Features

  • One sample lesson for every level
  • Lessons include helpful tips to prepare you for what’s ahead
  • Interactive tab player is usually available to premium members only; it was included in the basic membership when we tried the trial

Affectionately nicknamed RC101, Rock Class 101 gives basic members access to four premium membership lessons, free. The idea is to give beginners through experts a sample of what they can expect from the paid lessons on the site.

Swing by and sign up if you’re curious – the lessons are fantastic and if you want more, you can try the premium membership for free – just remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue.

#7 Ukulele Underground

Best Features

  • Ideal for anyone who prefers to learn in song format
  • Many popular songs to choose form
  • Friendly, personable instruction style
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players

Ukulele Underground is a favorite for its huge song library and highly detailed lessons. The site offers a pretty impressive roundup of free lessons for ukulele beginners through experts.

Most of the song lessons are for popular tunes, and you’ll find a variety of styles to try. There are plenty of free tutorials to keep you strumming along!

#8 Live Ukulele

Best Features

  • Lots of unique lessons for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players
  • Relaxed, easygoing atmosphere
  • All songs and lessons are free
  • Well-organized library with some very cool surprises

If you’re a raw beginner looking for free ukulele lessons, Live Ukulele has you covered with a ton of great content that walks you through everything from holding your ukulele properly to playing your first few songs. Once you’ve reached intermediate level, you’ll find even more free resources.

Live Ukulele is simpler than some other sites but everything is free, there’s a store with useful books in case you are in the market for one, and there’s a nice list of songs to learn. Songs are arranged by difficulty as well as by genre, so it’s easy to find something that’s right for you.

The site’s creators are Brad Bordessa and Isaac Wang. Live Ukulele has been around since 2007 and it shows: There’s plenty of cool content to keep you occupied without ever spending a dime.

#9 Ranch Guitar

Best Features

  • Well-organized and easy to follow
  • Highly motivating for those who are interested more in playing songs than learning theory right away
  • Quick lessons, great for when you’re short on time

Ranch Guitar offers free beginner ukulele lessons with every ukulele they sell, but that’s not all: Everyone is welcome to stop by their website and take advantage of the same lesson package at no charge.

This is a fun course designed to help you learn how to tune your ukulele, learn some basic chords, read chord diagrams, and play a few easy songs before you progress into more chords, ukulele strum patterns, playing finger style, and more.

There are some extra song lessons plus a section that features songs you can learn in just a few minutes.

#10 Justin Guitar

Best Features

  • Start to finish beginning ukulele lessons, no need to sign up for anything
  • Everything on the site is free
  • Includes some unique lessons like playing open chords, learning shuffle strum, learning backbeat groove, and more.

Justin Guitar is another site where everything is free!

Most of the content here focuses on the guitar, but there’s an entire package of free lessons just for ukulele players. Justin Guitar’s ukulele beginner course is easy to access with a click.

You don’t have to sign up for anything – just go check out the lessons in your spare time. If you enjoy the lessons and have a couple of bucks to spare, consider making a donation or treating yourself to something from the site’s store since that’s how Justin keeps the site alive.

There you have it! We encourage you to check out each of the sites, sign up if you like what you see, and make the most of the free ukulele lessons on offer.

You can learn quite a lot without spending any money and by trying several different sites, you can get a great feel for what’s available in the event that you’d like to try a paid lesson plan at some point. Happy strumming!


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