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Best Christmas Gifts for the Ukulele Player

The Perfect Gifts for the Ukulele Lover in Your Life

by Kevin Rossi
ukulele strings

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and if you are looking for the perfect gifts for the ukulele player in your life (you know the one), then look no further! From straps and tuners, to strings and stands, we’ve got everything you need to make your ukulele player holly and jolly this Christmas!

Best Christmas Gifts for the Ukulele Player


Unlike guitars, most ukuleles don’t come with straps, which makes a strap a great gift! The thing to pay attention to when it comes to ukulele straps is how they attach to the ukulele. Not all ukuleles have strap buttons (see below), or maybe only have one at the base of the uke.

If they have one strap button on the bottom, straps like this one from Kala come with an additional loop that goes around the headstock.

If the uke in question doesn’t have any strap buttons, no sweat! Straps like this one from D’Addario offer an alternative option, where the strap goes around the player’s neck, and then under the ukulele, before being hooked to the sound hole.

Whatever kind of strap you end up needing, we have you covered, with a wide variety of types and designs!

If you’d like to purchase strap buttons for a uke, we have those too! If you are savvy with a drill, you can install them yourself, but be careful. I’d recommend taking the uke to a music store to have a trained professional install them if you want to go this route.

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No one likes the sound of an out-of-tune instrument (especially if the ukulele player in your life lives in the same house as you!). Tuners are an invaluable tool for ukulele players of all experience levels, and if you are like me and lose yours from time to time, you can never have too many! I personally like to keep one with each of my regular ukes, because I most often lose them when I move them from case to case.

One of my favorites is this Kala Klipz tuner, since it doesn’t require batteries (one less thing to lose in my case). The battery lasts for 5.5 hours, and since you’re only turning it on for maybe a minute or so to tune your uke, that translates to weeks and weeks of battery life!

Another favorite of mine is this very solid and reliable tuner from D’Addario. It runs on batteries but offers 24 hours of tuning time! And the clip on this one is very solid.

And hey, if your ukulele player is a multi-instrumentalist, no worries, because all these tuners work for other instruments thanks to the chromatic setting.


As sure as the sun will set, an ukulele will need new strings. For many beginners, this is easy to forget, but new strings can greatly improve the sound and playability of a uke.

The biggest thing to keep in mind with strings is what size of ukulele they are for. Commonly this will be soprano or concert, and less commonly tenor or baritone. Some string sets for soprano or concert, the smallest of the four sizes, will work for both, but most strings are made for a specific size of ukulele.

Worth Brown makes a high quality string that is still affordable (click here for a soprano/concert option), plus they come with enough length for 2 sets of strings, so they can be changed a second time!

Add a string winder like this one from D’Addario – which can also be used to clip excess string – to really knock their socks off!


If you are like me and have a number of ukes (and like switching between them frequently while playing), it’s really helpful to have some stands to set them on. With a variety of options to choose from – from this stylish folding wooden stand to wall hangers like this one – you are sure to find the perfect option here.


An incredibly useful gadget, capos allow the ukulele player to shorten the fretboard of their ukulele so they can easily change the key they are playing in without learning new chords.

I really like this one from Kala, and this one from D’Addario allows you to manually change the pressure the capo is applying to your strings which helps eliminate buzzing!

Courses and Membership Options

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, consider signing them up for a Uke Like the Pros Membership. There are three different tiers of membership available (details below), and each is available at monthly or yearly rates.

My favorite part of being a member is having access to the Uke Like the Pros community forum, where you can share your progress and talk with fellow uke enthusiasts from across the world.


Here is a more detailed breakdown of what is available with each membership:


  • Access to Beginner Q&A sessions, recordings, and handouts
  • Access to 5 ULTP Beginner courses and 4 mini-courses.
  • Access to the ULTP Forum Community
  • Special discounts on all the ULTP MERCH on the Terry Carter Music Store
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you cancel in the first 30 days of your purchase


  • Access to Ukulele Q&A sessions, recordings and handouts
  • Access to Beginner Q&A sessions, recordings and handouts
  • Access ALL COURSES at
  • More than 20 courses for Ukulele, Baritone and guitarlele.
  • Access to infinite downloadable material: Backing tracks and music sheets for all courses.
  • Special discounts on all theULTP MERCH on the Terry Carter Music Store
  • Access to the ULTP NATION that includes the Community group and the public Forum
  • 100% money back guarantee if you cancel on the first 30 days from your purchase


  • VIP FREE access to ALL the Paid Workshops and recordings
  • VIP FREE access to ALL the challengesand giveaways
  • More than 20 courses for Ukulele, Baritone and guitarlele with Backing tracks and sheets
  • Special discounts on all theULTP MERCH on the Terry Carter Music Store
  • Live Ukulele, Guitarlele and baritone Q & A Video Call with Terry and access to the recordings
  • Access to Beginner Q&A sessions, recordings and handouts
  • Access to the ULTP Community, Forum and Members Guide
  • 100% money back guarantee if you cancel on the first 30 days

Gift Cards

Overwhelmed by all the options? There’s always gift cards! Available from $10 and up, nothing says Merry Christmas like the gift of picking out exactly what you want!

For more lessons on chords, techniques, and songs to help you along on your own uke journey, make sure to check out our site We offer you a bunch of great ukulele content that comes hand-in-hand with an awesome ukulele community that will support you in this journey.

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