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The 10 Best Ukulele Cases and Gig Bags

by Terry
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Even if your ukulele came with a gig bag, you might want to treat it to a higher level of protection by picking up a case. This is particularly important if you plan to travel with your uke – a great case will not only prevent scratches and little dings, it will also provide protection against more serious damage such as crushing.

Good ukulele cases also protect your instrument from harsh humidity changes, accidental spills, wet weather, and other situations that might put your favorite four-stringed companion into a compromising position.

At A Glance: Best Cases and Gig Bags for Ukulele to Buy

Best Ukulele Cases and Big Bags Explained

1. Kala OTC-AT Olive Tweed Archtop Ukulele Hardcase

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This fantastic hard case offers the best protection your ukulele could ever ask for. Very well made, with a focus on structural soundness, it features an arch top that’s designed to prevent the top of the case from coming into contact with your ukulele in the event of a crush-type accident. 

The case’s plush interior gives your uke a super soft place to rest, protecting it from dings and scratches while holding it securely in place. The high level of padding is another feature that puts this ukulele case on the “best of” list! The heel rest has room for your accessories, so you can keep all the essentials in a single place. 

These cases – and the similar-looking Kala Vintage Tweed Hard Cases – offer some protection from weather extremes, too. If you live in or travel through hot, dry, or very humid conditions, these cases can be real life savers for your uke, particularly if you add stability with a humidity control pack such as the Boveda

Antiqued hardware complements the durable olive twill fabric cover and contributes to the case’s great looks, but that’s not all: The latch system on this ukulele case is perfectly secure, with a drawbolt design that keeps the case closed until you decide to open it. Matching antique bronze side and bottom stops add even more protection while enhancing the case’s stability. 

Available in sizes to fit Concert, Tenor, and Baritone ukuleles, this case is as functional as it is attractive. 

Tip: If this ukulele case is sold out, check to see if you can find the similar model from Ohana.


  • Excellent protection throughout
  • Looks fantastic 
  • Built to last


Might not fit unusual ukulele styles such as pineapple ukes 

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  • Great for the beginners
  • Master Half Notes, Quarter Notes, and Eighth Notes
  • Develop amazing right hand strumming technique
  • Learn how to play in ‘time’ and keep a solid rhythm
  • Memorize essential major, minor, and 7th chords

2. Kala Vintage Tweed Hard Case 

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Protect your instrument in style! This beautiful hard case from Kala is one of the best we’ve found, in sizes to fit ukuleles from concert to soprano to tenor. It even comes in baritone size!

Offering exceptional durability, this hard-sided ukulele case has been updated with an arch top lid for better crush prevention. Even if the top of the case suffers from an impact, the arch top prevents damage to the instrument inside.

There’s more: This ukulele case features a plush, wine colored velvet interior that protects your instrument’s finish, along with a heel rest with a built-in storage compartment for your accessories. A cushioned handle provides you with a comfortable grip while a combination of antiqued hardware, contrasting trim, and a tweed finished exterior lend an appealing vintage-inspired appearance.


  • Vintage-inspired appearance
  • Easy to handle
  • Built-in storage compartment for your accessories


  • Not cheap

3. KoAloha ABS Ukulele Case

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Treat your favorite ukulele to the ultimate in protection with the KoAloha ABS ukulele case. Available in soprano, concert, concert longneck, and tenor sizes, these cases can be difficult to find as they are frequently sold out.

They are only available from the KoAloha factory, which is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Terry was able to get a small number of these cases to offer to his clients, but once they are gone, we are not sure when he’ll be able to obtain another shipment.

On to the specs: These ultra high-quality ukulele cases are made with durable ABS in versatile, attractive black. The interior is a light gray plush with a built-in compartment to house your accessories, and the exterior is fitted with a convenient shoulder strap as well as a contoured handle.

A durable latch system keeps the case secure.
Easily one of the best ukulele cases we’ve encountered, this model is priced a touch higher than some others.

Still, it’s an exceptionally durable ukulele case that will last for years to come, if not for an entire lifetime!


  • Built-in compartment to house your accessories
  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient shoulder strap


  • Only available from the KoAloha factory

4. Kala Hard Shell Archtop Ukulele Case

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Kala’s arch top ukulele case is a favorite thanks to its ability to provide outstanding protection for your ukulele. Thick padding lines the interior, holding your instrument in place while protecting the finish so it’s as beautiful coming out as it was going in.

The arch top lid adds strength to the case’s structure, offering additional protection to the instrument’s top in case of impact. If you’re traveling, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that this feature provides.

A molded, cushion handle provides you with a comfortable grip, and antiqued hardware lends additional visual appeal while keeping your ukulele secured inside its case.
All the most popular sizes are available: Choose from soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone.


  • Fairly affordable ukulele case
  • Extra Instrument Protection
  • Snug fitting and soft


  • Not the cheapest product on the list

5. Kala ABS Molded Plastic Hardshell Ukulele Case

Kala ABS Molded Plastic Hardshell Ukulele Case

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The Kala ABS Molded Plastic Hardshell Ukulele Case offers outstanding durability and water resistance, plus a snug, plush interior for your ukulele’s protection while traveling. Traditional latches keep the case securely closed and a rounded handle makes carrying comfortable. A removable shoulder strap is included for added convenience.

This ABS ukulele case is available in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor sizes.


  • Very durable
  • Well-padded interior
  • Available in different sizes


  • Small accessory compartment doesn’t hold much

6. Ohana Ukulele Tenor Hardshell Case

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Treat your tenor ukulele to one of the best cases on the market right now: This model from Ohana is made with shaped plywood for exceptional durability.

The pebbled pleather exterior provides a combination of great looks and moisture resistance, while the interior features a thick, plush lining that keeps your instrument secure while protecting it from those little bumps and bruises that can happen along the way. An interior compartment offers space to store your accessories.

The arch top design as an extra measure of protection, making this one of the best tenor ukulele cases for travelers. In case of an accidental crush, the arched top might save your instrument from what could be a tragic accident.
Exterior trim and chrome finish troubled case latches make this beautiful case complete.


  • Durable Plywood Construction
  • Extra Instrument Protection
  • Chrome-Finished Drawbolt Case Latches


  • Comes in only one color

7. Gator Cases Hardhshell Ukulele Case

Gator Cases Hardhshell Ukulele Case

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If you don’t mind basic black and you’re looking for a good hardshell ukulele case that won’t break the bank or put your instrument at risk of being crushed, you might like this one from Gator Cases. Made with sturdy plywood covered in Black Telex PVC that’s both water-resistant and easy to clean, this case offers a plush lining and plenty of padding inside, along with a compartment for your accessories. Traditional latches keep the case securely closed, and an ergonomic handle makes carrying a snap.

This hard shell ukulele case is available in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor sizes.


  • Very affordable hardshell ukulele case
  • Traditional design, durable materials
  • Thick, well-cushioned lining
  • Great for travel, suitable for airline use


  • Confusing descriptions / measurements for different sizes
  • Doesn’t come in baritone size
  • Very tight fit for acoustic-electric ukuleles with controls on the side

8. FINO Waterproof Ukulele Case

FINO Waterproof Ukulele Case

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The Fino waterproof ukulele case is made with an attractive tan faux leather exterior and a wonderful interior lined with crushed velvet in a beautiful shade of royal blue. The neck support doubles as a storage space for accessories. The handle is padded for comfort, the latches snap securely into place and will lock if needed, and at just a little over five pounds, the case feels fairly lightweight in your hands.

Like its cousin, this ukulele case is available in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor sizes, but isn’t available in Baritone size.


  • Fairly affordable ukulele case
  • Quality materials
  • Resists spills; very easy to clean
  • Attractive appearance


  • No compartment for music
  • Can be a tight fit for some ukuleles

9. FINO Travel Ukulele Case

FINO Travel Ukulele Case

Check Price on Amazon

The Fino travel ukulele case features lightweight construction and an attractive blue weave cover over the hard shell. The case has light padding inside, along with a neck strap to secure your instrument.

It features a comfortable rubber handle and a pair of zippers including an outer one and an interior one. This ukulele carrying case also has an adjustable backpack-style strap so that you can sling it over your shoulder if you like.

It would be great if this ukulele case were available for baritone size, however it’s currently offered only in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor sizes now.


  • Very durable; does a good job protecting your ukulele
  • Water-resistant, provides reliable protection against inclement weather
  • Seller has a generous exchange and warranty guarantee in case your ukulele doesn’t fit right


  • Zipper system can be confusing and a little tough to break in
  • Not much padding inside, some users add padding

10. Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Protective Carrying Case

Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Protective Carrying Case

Check Price on Amazon

The Knox Gear Ukulele Padded carrying case is often advertised as a hard carrying case. It’s true that this case has a nice firm feel, but it’s more like a hybrid between a soft-sided gig bag and a hardshell ukulele case. The good news is that this bag is beautifully designed, particularly for the price.

The interior is shaped to fit a classic hourglass-shaped ukulele. The hard protective foam is covered in velvety soft fabric to protect your instrument’s finish. There’s an interior neck support, a compartment for extras, and plenty of depth to accommodate your strap as well as any electronics.

Outside, you’ll find water-resistant 600D oxford nylon fabric in black, plus a sturdy handle and a rugged carrying strap. The zippers are durable, and there’s a protective flap on the main compartment, which keeps the zippers from snagging and opening accidentally. The outside pocket is roomy enough for some sheet music. All in all, this is a great case at an amazing price. It comes in Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone sizes.


  • Lightweight
  • Snug fitting and soft
  • Roomy accessory compartments
  • Dual carrying options


  • Only fits hourglass-shaped ukuleles, not pineapples or other unusual styles
  • A little too deep for some ukuleles; some players add a towel or similar fabric to make the fit tighter
  • Seller doesn’t provide interior dimensions; it would be very helpful if they could change this

What to Look for When Choosing a Ukulele Case

Start looking for a great case for your ukulele, and you’ll find that there are tons of options available. Here are some of the most important factors to consider while shopping.

Is it tough enough?

If you’re planning to take your ukulele on your next flight, you want to make sure that the case you choose has a hard shell for strength.

A well-padded soft-sided case is great for protecting your ukulele at home or while you’re on your way to class, and might offer enough protection for road tripping, too.

At the same time, keep in mind that accidental crushing still might happen. For example, a sudden stop that causes your load to shift might also cause damage to your uke.

Is it waterproof? Easy to maintain?

If there’s even the slightest chance that your ukulele case will get more than a little wet (i.e. experience something worse than an average amount of rain while you’re walking a short distance) then it’s a really good idea to pick a hard-shell ukulele case that won’t absorb a lot of moisture.

As for easy cleaning, hard-shell ukulele cases are the clear winners here. You can clean a soft-shell ukulele case but it might not be as simple as you’d like!

Good closures?

Your case needs to stay shut, or your uke will be exposed to the very things you’re trying to protect it from. Be sure that clasps are strong, or if it’s a soft-sided case, double-check to be sure that the zippers get good ratings.

Soft and snug inside?

Whatever you do, be sure that your ukulele case is well-padded, and double-check to ensure that it’s designed to fit your ukulele.

Too loose or too tight, and you’re pretty much begging for damage. At the same time, if you’re stuck with an option that might be too tight and another that’s way too roomy, pick the bigger one. You can always add extra padding if needed.

Room for accessories?

This might not be a huge deal if you’re simply planning to use your case for storing your ukulele when it’s not being played, but if you’re planning to go places, you’ll probably appreciate a case that has room for items like a capo, spare strings, a tuner, picks, etc.

Is the price right?

Some of the best cases for ukuleles are easy to spot right away because of their price tags. At an average cost of well over $100, you can pretty much bet that a hardshell fiberglass or ABS case from Crossrock will provide plenty of protection.

If your budget has room for that, great – these really are the best ukulele cases for unlimited budgets! If not, you’ll have to spend a little more time going over your options.

Final Thoughts

One last piece of advice…measure your ukulele and double-check the dimensions of the carrying case to make sure you’ve got a good match, or double-check returns policies to be sure that you can send the case back in case it’s not a good fit. After all, the best ukulele case is one that fits well and protects your instrument. Nothing less will do!

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