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The 10 Best 6 String Ukuleles

by Terry

Curious about six string ukuleles?

Not to be confused with guitarleles, these amazing instruments have two C strings, 2 A strings, a G string, and an E string, with GCCEAA tuning. Even though they look like miniature guitars, 6-string ukuleles are in a class all their own.

Quick Look at Our Top Picks:

Six string ukulele setups vary. Sometimes the two C strings are tuned an octave apart, expanding your range, and the two As are tuned exactly alike, so your music has a fuller, richer sound.

This might be reversed too, so the A strings are an octave apart and the C strings are in unison. Sometimes both the C and A strings are tuned an octave apart, and sometimes both are tuned in unison.

Although you play a six-string ukulele the same way you play a four-string ukulele and you use the same chord shapes you’re already familiar with, you’ll need to use just a little more of your fingertips to hold down the double C and double A strings.

This can feel challenging and many players find that it takes a little bit of getting used to. Some people feel like the wider neck is a touch more cumbersome than a standard 4-string ukulele’s neck at first, but once they’re accustomed to the feel, they really enjoy expanding their musicianship with this instrument.

Kanile’a GL6 Solid Koa 6 String Guitarlele “North Shore”

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  • Solid koa wood top, back, and sides
  • Solid mahogany neck
  • Super tenor body
  • 2” classical guitar nut width
  • Black TUSQ nut and saddle
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony bridge, bridge pins, and head plate
  • UV-cured high gloss finish on body
  • Silk finish on neck
  • Padded case included

OK….so it’s a guitarlele (which goes against our general beginner’s buying advice in the next section) – but we think you’ll want to take a peek anyway.

One look – and one listen, and you’ll be in love! This is an incredible instrument that was hand-selected for Terry by Kaimana Souza, who is the son of Kristen and Joe Souza, founders of Kanile’a.

Made with solid curly koa wood that displays gorgeous color variations from light to dark and back again, this instrument has been setup with low action for easy playing. Everything about it is top-notch, and it’s meant to last a lifetime. In case someone else grabs this instrument before you’ve got a chance, check out its “brother” – the Kanile’a GL6 premium koa wood 6-string “The Boss.” It’s got the same features and a slightly different appearance.

Handcrafted in Hawaii, by artisans with an entire lifetime of experience behind them, this gorgeous 6-string offers a clear, bright sound with an incredibly rich tone and lots of volume. It is equipped with a super tenor body and it’s a 20” baritone scale, size-wise. Tuning is ADGCEA.

The fingerboard, bridge, head plate, and bridge pins are all made of ebony, and the neck is strong, solid mahogany. The nut and saddle are made with black TUSQ, which offers durability while complementing the overall appearance of the instrument. A silk finish has been applied to the neck, and the body is protected by a UV-cured high-gloss finish that brings out every single bit of beauty the koa wood has to offer.

A free super deluxe Music Area case is included.

Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6 String Guilele “Point Break”

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  • Solid spruce wood top
  • Solid mahogany back / sides
  • Tiny Tenor shape body
  • Ebony fingerboard & bridge
  • 16:1 tuners
  • Tuned ADGCEA
  • Pepe Romero strings

Created by none other than 6-time Grammy award winning ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho and master luthier Pepe Romero, the Romero Creations Tiny Tenor 6-String is absolutely incredible, with a gorgeous sound, loads of sustain, and two added bass strings that add so much depth to your playing!

This incredible instrument features an appealing pineapple shape. It has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, all protected by a clear finish that shows off the wood’s unique character to perfection.

The fretboard and bridge are made of contrasting ebony wood, and the 16:1 tuners are the best available.

There’s more. This fantastic uke comes with custom setup by Pepe Romero Jr, and a free professional-grade Global Green Eco-friendly case by Access is included as well, so you don’t have to search for a case to accommodate the instrument’s unique shape and size.

Curious? Take a listen and enjoy a closer look at this amazing Tiny Tenor. Terry’s video review gives you a complete tour of the Pepe Romero guilele.

KoAloha Guitarlele Opio Solid Acacia KTO-G6 “Anthrium”

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  • Solid Acacia wood top, sides, and back
  • Solid Mahogany neck
  • TUSQ Nut and Saddle
  • KoAloha 5-pointed crown headstock
  • Sapele Fretboard and Bridge
  • Inline tuners
  • KoAloha’s Patented “Musubi” Soundhole
  • Satin Finish
  • 6 Strings – ADGCEA tuning

You caught us again! Here’s another guitarlele (quite similar to a 6-string ukulele, but with some differences that you might like.)

This KoAloha Guitarlele is sure to help you expand your horizons. It offers A to A tuning, with the first four strings tuned just like the ones on a standard ukulele, plus a D string and an additional A to add more richness to your playing.

The body is made with solid acacia, which is closely related to koa wood but priced far lower. The neck is made with strong, solid mahogany, while the fretboard and bridge are crafted of sapele wood. The entire ukulele is protected by a gorgeous satin finish that shows off the wood’s unique character while picking up fewer smudges than a glossy finish does.

You’ll notice that this instrument features KoAloha’s signature Musubi soundhole, which has a unique shape. The body is to tenor scale, so you get a great combination of rich, clear sound, outstanding portability, and comfortable sizing.

A free KoAloha padded gig bag is included.

Terry plays a different version of this guitarlele in his KoAloha KTO-G6 review video, but you’ll get a great feel for the sound as well as an up-close look at the features found on this stunning instrument. Enjoy!

Caramel 6-String Ukulele

Caramel 6-String Ukulele

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  • Solid acacia wood
  • 6 strings E to E tuning
  • Onboard electronics
  • Bundle includes a padded gig bag, a strap, and a wall hanger

So, you’ve always wanted to try playing the 6 string ukulele but you are concerned that you might not like it, and you’re not ready to invest more than a couple of hundred bucks. We get it!

Here’s a great option. The Caramel 6 string guilele is made with solid acacia wood. The fretboard and bridge are made of walnut, and the nut and saddle are made with real buffalo bone. There are 18 frets on this instrument, and the strings offer EADGBE (E to E) tuning.

That’s not all. This fantastic little instrument comes with a 3-band built in tuner, complete with an equalizer that’s ready to plug into an amp and play. Of course, you don’t have to play plugged in; this is an acoustic / electric guitarlele so you can enjoy it either way.

You get some nice extras with this 6-string ukulele including a padded gig bag and a strap. Caramel even throws in a wall hanger.

It is worth noting that this instrument sometimes arrives in great condition, and sometimes there are minor manufacturing flaws that detract from the sound and feel. Most people who have had issues have been able to get the uke into good playing condition, and are happy with it overall.

Romero Creations Baritone 6-String Ukulele

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  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid mahogany back and sides
  • Ebony bridge
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Pepe Romero Baritone strings
  • E to E tuning (can be swapped for G to G)
  • 20” scale

We saved one of the very best 6-string ukuleles for last. Made by none other than the fantastic luthiers at Romero Creations, this baritone 6-string is tuned from E to E for your convenience, and as expected from one of Pepe Romero’s instruments, it’s fitted with strings to match! If you prefer, you can swap them out for Pepe Romero G to G tenor guilele strings and basically enjoy two different instruments for the price of one.

This instrument sounds absolutely amazing. Don’t take our word for it: Check out the videos for yourself. Pepe Romero provides a full introduction, plus there’s a gorgeous demo of Plantation Waltz. It might not be the most popular song at the moment, but it’s a classic that gives you a great feel for the instrument’s range.

This 6-string ukulele features a stunning spruce top and a mahogany body, along with an ebony bridge and fingerboard. The 20” scale is ultra-portable, so you can take it just about anywhere while enjoying its warm, rich tone and gorgeous sound.

Even if this instrument isn’t the one for you, go take a look. You’ve got to see it if only to expand your ukulele horizons!

Lower Line 6-String Ukuleles: Four Fun, Affordable Choices

Kala KA-6

Kala KA-6

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The Kala KA-6 is a tenor 6-string ukulele with a mahogany body that contrasts nicely with a traditional rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The nut and saddle are made with GraphTech NuBone®.

This is a pretty, traditional-looking ukulele with a glossy finish that shows off the wood’s grain. The cream binding, slotted headstock, chrome tuners, and cream-colored buttons add more visual interest. Like many tenor ukuleles, this one has 18 frets. It arrives strung with Aquila Super Nylgut strings.

This ukulele has a mellow, sweet voice with plenty of projection, but it doesn’t ring out quite a loudly as some of the better 6-string ukuleles we’ll look at in a minute. It’s a lot of fun to play and if you’re interested in dabbling rather than really making an investment into an instrument, you’ll appreciate the affordable pricing.


  • Very affordable
  • Attractive appearance with many traditional features
  • Pleasant, appealing sound


  • No bag included

Kala KA-6E (with EQ)

Kala KA-6E (with EQ)

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In the event that you’re looking for an acoustic electric six string ukulele, you’ll want to take a peek at the Kala KA-6E. This is basically the same ukulele as the Kala KA-6, but with a Shadow Ukulele NFX active pickup that lets you play with an amp. The pickup has a volume dial as well as a tone dial.

The top, back, and sides are mahogany, and so is the neck. The bridge and fingerboard are made with walnut in this version. Just like its acoustic cousin, the Kala KA-6E is a tenor ukulele.

The setup is similar too. It features a GraphTech NuBone® nut and saddle, and it arrives pre-strung with Aquila Super Nylgut strings. The slotted headstock, cream-colored buttons, and chrome tuners are in keeping with Kala’s signature style, lending an attractive appearance to this beautiful-looking, sweet-sounding instrument.


  • Great price
  • Nice, traditional-looking ukulele
  • Sounds good whether plugged in or unplugged


  • Sold without a case

Ohana TK-70-6

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The Ohana TK-70-6 six-string ukulele features a solid spruce top that contrasts nicely with the solid mahogany back and sides. The Rosewood bindings are a nice touch, reflecting the same color as the rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

This ukulele features a mahogany neck that terminates in an open headstock with geared tuners and contrasting white buttons. The bone nut and saddle are nice upgrades and the satin finish keeps this uke looking natural.

Like other ukuleles with spruce tops, this one has a nice bright sound with mellow undertones that make it a pleasure to play. GHS Tenor 6 strings are pre-installed.


  • Solid construction, not laminate
  • Premium materials
  • Satin finish doesn’t pick up many fingerprints, smudges, etc.


  • One report that the instrument was received damaged

Lanikai – MA-6T

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The Lanikai MA-6T 6-string ukulele is made with natural mahogany laminate. The chrome open-back tuners are a nice, traditional-looking touch inside the open headstock, and the pre-installed chrome strap buttons are a fantastic “extra.”

This ukulele features a beautiful walnut fingerboard and bridge, along with a natural bone nut and saddle. White binding provides some added visual contrast. Premium Aquila strings are preinstalled.

While this might not be the best 6 string ukulele on the market, it does come with a padded gig bag. And this makes a “bonus uke,” just for fun, maybe to pass on to a child who wants to learn to play!


  • Great value
  • Nice, sweet sound
  • Comes with some great extras


  • Laminate doesn’t sound quite as nice as solid wood

Middle-Range 6-String Ukulele: The Kala – KA-ATP6-CTG

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The Kala KA-ATP6-CTG six-string ukulele is similar to Kala’s popular tenor KA-ATP-CTG model. Just like it’s four-stringed cousin, this fantastic uke has a solid cedar top that lends plenty of warm brilliance to its tone. It has an acacia wood back and sides, nicely protected by a gloss finish. The mahogany neck feels fantastic in your hands.

Meanwhile, the walnut fingerboard and bridge add a touch of contrast, as does the attractive padauk binding. Inside the open headstock, you’ll find six geared Grover tuners with a chrome finish. The GraphTech NuBone® nut and saddle lend to this instrument’s beautiful sustain. In case an 8-string ukulele is on your list, Kala makes an excellent one in the same line with the same finishes and materials.


  • Great sound with distinct, complex overtones
  • Solid tonewoods
  • Excellent materials and fittings


  • You might not want to put it down!

High-End 6-String Ukuleles: Incredible Artistry, Amazing Sound

Kanilea K-1 T6 Koa

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The 6-string tenor Kanilea K-1 T6 Koa ukulele is handcrafted in Hawaii, by artisans with years of experience at this family-owned company. Beautifully constructed of select koa wood, it is protected by a UV high-gloss finish that brings out the wood’s beauty in striking detail.

Kanilea uses a proprietary TRU bracing system inside its top, and it makes this ukulele with a rounded back so the sound rings out loud, clear, and bright. The neck is reinforced with an internal graphite rod. Made with strong South American mahogany, it’s stronger than necks reinforced with steel plus it offers a warmer tonal response. This ukulele features a NuBone nut and saddle, a rosewood bridge, a rosewood fretboard with Paua Abalone position dots, and custom chrome geared tuning keys from Kanilea. Aquila Corde strings are preinstalled, and a hard shell case with a plush lining is included.


  • Exquisite custom instrument
  • Exceptional fittings
  • Case is included


  • You might have to save up!

Kamaka HF-36

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The Kamaka HF-36 tenor six-string ukulele was designed by none other than Sam Kamaka Jr. This ukulele has been around since 1959 – it was originally created as a unique way to celebrate Hawaii’s statehood while paying homage to Queen Liliuokalani.

As expected, this instrument is of the very best quality. Made with solid select Koa wood protected by a semi-gloss finish, it looks as incredible as it sounds. Kamaka strings are preinstalled, and you have the option of asking for a low G instead of a high G at setup.

The Kamaka 6-string ukulele comes with a deluxe wooden Kamaka hard case and a humidifier. The company offers an upgraded humidifier as well as other additions including strap buttons and a pickup so you can play amplified if you prefer. If you’re looking for the best of the best, this ukulele is certain to please!


  • Customizable features
  • Top quality materials and fittings
  • Case and humidifier are included


  • Premium pricing – but you do get a gorgeous instrument!

What to Look for in a Six-String Ukulele

If you’re in the market for a six-string uke, the first thing you’ll want to check is that the instrument in question really is a 6-stringed ukulele and not a guitarlele! The two instruments look similar but they’re designed to support different strings – in other words, they are not interchangeable.

You’ll also want to take a look at overall quality. While this category doesn’t have as many issues with bad workmanship as the standard 4-string ukulele does, there are definite differences in things like tonewood, tuning machines, finishes, and more. We’ve covered seven different 6-string ukes here with some highly affordable lower line instruments, one good mid-range option, and a couple of high-end six-string ukes that any professional would be proud to own and play.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a newer player looking to expand your musical horizons or a seasoned expert in search of a new companion that’s certain to delight your audience, you’ll enjoy everything that six-string ukuleles have to offer! With great options at every price range, it’s easy for anyone to enjoy the full, sweet sound that this unique ukulele style has to offer. Enjoy!

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