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Autumn Leaves Ukulele Cover

by Terry
Confused about how to master your ukulele? Don’t worry! All your queries will be resolved Due to an overwhelming number of requests for Jazz lately, I have decided to jump into it. I was avoiding Jazz on the ukulele because I felt that not many people were interested in it but obviously, I WAS WRONG! So I will put my two degrees in Jazz (Master of Music from the University of Southern California in Studio /Jazz and a Bachelor of Music from San Diego State University in Jazz/Music Education) and help you learn Jazz. I will teach you the Beach Jam ukulele cover of “Autumn Leaves” by Johnny Mercer. Although I am beginning with only a cover song today, you can visit my site for more courses on Jazz.
Today I will be playing lots of different chord inversions. The essential chords for this song are Amin7, D7, GMaj7, CMaj7, F#min7(b5), B7, Emin7 which are shown in this lesson. In addition to these, there are some other chords as well.
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