Autumn Leaves Ukulele Cover

Confused about how to master your ukulele? Don’t worry! All your queries will be resolved Due to an overwhelming number of requests for Jazz lately, I have decided to jump into it. I was avoiding Jazz on the ukulele because I felt that not many people were interested in it but obviously, I WAS WRONG! So I will put my two degrees in Jazz (Master of Music from the University of Southern California in Studio /Jazz and a Bachelor of Music from San Diego State University in Jazz/Music Education) and help you learn Jazz. I will teach you the Beach Jam ukulele cover of “Autumn Leaves” by Johnny Mercer. Although I am beginning with only a cover song today, you can visit my site for more courses on Jazz.
Today I will be playing lots of different chord inversions. The essential chords for this song are Amin7, D7, GMaj7, CMaj7, F#min7(b5), B7, Emin7 which are shown in this lesson. In addition to these, there are some other chords as well.
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