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Amazing $100 Concert Ukuleles

Everyone can start playing ukulele at an affordable price!

by Marialejandra Araujo

Does “affordable” mean low-quality? Not at all. You can find amazing concert ukuleles for around $100. For real? More and more people are attracted to the soothing and joyful melodies coming from this 4-stringed instrument. That has incentivized manufacturers to build in masse, reducing costs and offering customers a great variety of ukuleles.

Affordable Concert Ukuleles

Now, first of all, let’s talk a little about concert ukuleles. Why should you buy a concert in the first place? There are several ukulele sizes on the market, but the concert size is one of the most popular sizes of them all thanks to its 15″ length from nut to saddle. This measure helps a lot with the space between the frets, which translates to greater comfort when placing the chord shapes with your fingers. A lot of people prefer to buy a concert-size ukulele over a Soprano one (14″ length), not only because of its comfortable size but also because the sound that comes out of the instrument moves away from the typical “toy sound” that soprano ukuleles usually have.

Whether you are looking for a concert ukulele for yourself, or you want to make it a lovely gift for someone special, the list that we’re about to share with you can help you narrow down which ukulele to choose, depending on your needs.

Kala KAC “Wrangler”

The Kala KAC “Wrangler” is a concert ukulele made out of laminated mahogany wood. Almost the whole instrument uses mahogany, except for the fingerboard that comes in walnut wood. A nice creamy binding brings the top, sides, and back together, fusing the ukulele in a color that matches well the looks of the mahogany.

The mahogany neck comes with a black binding that fixes the walnut fretboard to the instrument, with a discreet and elegant look. The body of the uke comes with a satin finish to protect the wood, and make the ukulele more durable.

Because of the mahogany and walnut woods, this uke can provide a focused sound. It is thicker in the low and high mids. If you like this uke and want it in a fun version, you can consider the Elvis Presley edition. It is the same instrument, but with Elvis printed on it.

Ohana PKC-10 “Rumba”

The Ohana PKC-10 “Rumba” will liven up any gathering with its huge sound. This concert ukulele is also made out of laminated mahogany wood. Because of its pineapple shape, it brings amazing warmth, good projection, and a resonating sound.

Do you think this uke would make a great gift for a loved one? So do we! You can get the Ohana PKC-10 “Morocco” version in a bundle that includes many perks! Not even Amazon can make a better offer. 

Apart from this Ohana concert uke and its perks (gig bag, chord chart, tuner, strap, stickers, and so on), you will get a free month of our premium membership, with access to more than 20 ukulele courses and LIVE Q&As.

Enya Nova U

Did someone say carbon fiber ukes? We hope so, because that’s what the Enya Nova U is all about. Most ukuleles are crafted with woods, but this one is different. That uniqueness applies both to how it sounds and its design.

This little Enya produces a bright tone with a projecting sound that will wow everyone near you. Its versatility makes it ideal for playing in a group, but if you’re more of a solo player, the resonance will help you on those leading lines. Despite its slim body, it can produce a loud, deep sound. Low G strings go very well with carbon fiber ukes, as this material provides a good projection and rigidity to give deeper bass notes punch and definition.

Carbon fiber has many traits that make it an awesome material for the uke. It has high stiffness, high tensile strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion. 

In short, this uke is stronger and more durable than its wood-made cousins. You can bring this uke to the beach without any worries. 

Kala KA-T-C-CE “Volcano”

So, what’s so special about the Kala KA-TC-CE “Volcano” uke? Well, it is primarily made of teak, a dense, close-grained type of hardwood that is sourced from the Tectona grandis tree, native to south and southeast Asia. And this amazing concert ukulele comes with a satin open-pore finish. What does this mean? It means that (tell us what this means, Mari)

The other woods used in this uke are mahogany for the tri-top, nandu for the fretboard, and meranti for the neck. Because of their colors, this ukulele has an earthy vibe which makes it ideal for busking or playing songs around the campfire.

But wait! There’s more! We can’t forget its Florentine Cutaway, matching the dark golden brown color coming from the teak. For reference, this wood is harder than cedar and mahogany.

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Unique concert ukuleles at wonderful prices! 

So, which one is the winner? We have the “Wrangler” uke, made out of mahogany, the “Rumba,” which is pineapple-shaped, the Enya Nova U, crafted with carbon fiber, or the “Volcano” that comes in teak wood? Each of them serves different purposes, but converges to bring joyful and bright melodies to everyone! Looking to learn more? Do you have a specific uke in mind, or you just have questions? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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