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A Guide to Kala Brand Ukuleles

The perfect guide for your new ukulele!

by Kevin Rossi

The Best Kala Brand Ukuleles are here! Whether you are looking to buy your first ukulele, upgrade the one you already have, or finally take the plunge into the world of professional-level ukes, you have come to the right place! Kala Brand makes what you need, and we have got it for you here at Uke Like the Pros, the #1 online ukulele store for all your ukulele needs!

Based out of Petaluma California, Kala is far and away from the most popular brand on the market. From the highest quality, yet affordable beginner ukuleles, to the premium level Kala Elite Series, and everything in between, Kala has something great to offer every uke player, no matter where they are at in their uke playing journey.

Seriously, we’ve got everything! Banjolele’s, ukes with resonators, guitarlele’s, glow-in-the-dark waterproof ukes, travel ukes, U-Basses, even Elvis ukes! Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget the special Uke Like the Pro Models.

My Personal Journey With Kala Brand Ukuleles

I personally started playing the ukulele about 12 years ago, and Kala has been there every step of the way for me. My first ukulele was the affordable KA-C, a laminate mahogany instrument that sounds just as good (if not better) now as the day I got it.

A few years later I got my first baritone, the KA-B, as well as the glow-in-the-dark Kala Waterman Soprano (mentioned above) to use while out on backpacking trips.

Then a few years ago, when I wanted to delve into the world of Guitarlele’s, I got myself the KA-GL (also mentioned above) to use for Terry’s Guitarlele course.

Finally, we come to my newest and most prized ukulele – the amazing KA-SA-B, a beautiful solid acacia wood instrument that looks as good as it sounds.

So now that you know my background with Kala Brand ukes, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options Kala offers.

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Kala Waterman

If you have been in a store that sells ukuleles, chances are pretty good you have seen some of the great beginner ukes that Kala makes. My favorite (which I’ll now mention for the third time) is the Kala Waterman. It comes in many different colors – several of which are entirely see-through! – and is made almost entirely out of plastic and is totally waterproof. I’ve taken mine camping many times and no matter where I go I can rest easy knowing it can handle whatever the weather can throw at it. Back when I got mine, it was only available in soprano, but now it comes in a concert size as well!

Uke Like The Pros Models

A little further up the beginner spectrum, we have our two Uke Like the Pros models, the JT (available in soprano long neck, concert, and tenor sizes), and the SSMHG (available in concert, tenor, and baritone).

The less expensive of the two, the JT, comes with a pickup in the concert and tenor sizes, and also features a nice cutaway.

The SSMHG is a little pricier due to the solid spruce top and features a classic tobacco sunburst design that looks great!

Both models were designed by Terry Carter, and feature the Uke Like the Pros logo on the headstock. All of them come with a starter kit that includes, among other things, a Uke Like the Pros padded gig bag, chord chart, and a copy of Master the Uke Vol. 1 (or in the case of the baritone, Baritone Bootcamp)!


Stepping into the intermediate category here, we have the ASCP series, a solid cedar top uke with Pau Ferro back and sides. More often used on guitars, cedar wood gives the instrument a very warm sound that projects well. This uke also features a nice checkered rosette around the soundhole.

Available in concert and tenor sizes, this uke is surprisingly affordable for an all-solid wood uke, and is the perfect option if you are looking to take the step from laminate into the wonderful world of solid wood.

I have played this one in store before and have had my eyes on the tenor for a while now.


I am a bit biased towards my KA-SA-B, as I mentioned above, but I originally almost bought the KA-SSEBY baritone instead.

Made with a solid spruce top, and featuring a pick-up and a cutaway, passing up the KA-SSEBY-B was a difficult choice (those fancy fret markers on the KA-SA-B though!).

Kala Brand Ukuleles: The Elite Series

Last but most certainly not least, we have the Kala Elite Series. If you are anything like me, these are the kind of ukuleles you dream about playing (or in a few very special instances in my case, get to play very, VERY carefully when you come across a store with a big enough ukulele section that they actually carry ones this expensive).

The Kala Elite series are all made in the US, in Petaluma CA, using all solid Hawaiian Koa wood, and finished with the tears of mermaids… er, I mean with a glossy satin finish

Bonus: The DC Gig Bag Series

These gig bags from Kala are my absolute favorite non-hardshell cases on the market. They are extremely well-padded, have two big pockets for all your accessories, and feature a neck rest and velcro strap to help secure your instrument inside the case. I’ve got several, and use them for transporting all my best ukes!

So there you have it, an overview of the wide wide world of Kala Brand Ukuleles.

For more lessons on chords, techniques, and songs, make sure to check out our site  We offer you a bunch of great ukulele content that comes hand-in-hand with an awesome ukulele community that will support you in this journey.

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