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7 Best Christmas Songs to Play on Ukulele

Impress Your Friends with These Tunes!

by Susan Montgomery
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It’s time to deck the halls and dig out your jingle bells! What better way to ring in the season than by playing some amazing Christmas songs on your ukulele? With these seven songs, you’ll surely impress your friends and family. There’s something special about hearing a Christmas song on the ukulele. Let’s dive right in and learn more about these seven best Christmas songs.

All I Want for Christmas is You

American pop singer, Mariah Carey released this song in 1994. She has revealed in interviews that Christmastime really is her favorite time of year. People seem to either love this song or hate it, but I’m sure no matter what, they will love it when you play it!

To play this song on the ukulele, you will want to review the chords G, C, Eb6, B7, E, and Am7. You can view a chord chart here on the Uke Like Pros Blog. For a fun play-along, you can play this while having fun with your friends!

What Child is This

The song was written in 1865 by William Chatterson Dix who went through a spiritual renewal after recovering from illness and depression. He read the Bible a lot and wrote many hymns along with this Christmas carol. The lyrics focus on the shepherds visiting the nativity and what they might have thought as they came to visit the baby Jesus.

To play this song on the ukulele, you will want to review the chords Am, C, G, Em, F, and E. The lyrics are beautiful and sweet, so I encourage you to try singing along as you play. You can view the chord chart for this song here. Josh Groban sings a very beautiful version of this which you can listen to here.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Do you hear those sleigh bells? They are ringing in a winter wonderland! The author of this song wrote this in the winter but never made it specifically for Christmas. Richard Bernhard Smith wrote this song in the 1930s. He was actually stuck inside with tuberculosis and would often look out the window at children playing in the winter landscape. After it was paired with a melody, it quickly became a holiday favorite.

To play this song on the ukulele, you will want to review the chords C, G, Dm, E, and A.

Deck the Halls

This is another song that wasn’t always associated with Christmas. It is a Welsh carol that was first associated with New Year’s Eve. Songwriter Thomas Oliphant wrote the original version in 1794 and it has developed over the years into the popular tune we sing today.

You only need to know four chords to play this song on the ukulele and those are C, G, G7, and F. This is a good song to get your friends involved with as they can sing the “fa la la’s”! You can view the chord chart for this song here.

Frosty the Snowman

This is a delightful song to play on the ukulele because snowmen are fun, little winter creations. Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson wrote this in 1969 in Armonk, New York, and Gene Autry first recorded it. This was also a winter song according to the original lyrics but has since become a Christmas favorite.

To play this on the ukulele, you will want to review the chords C, G7, F, A7, Dm, and G7. You can view the chord chart here.


This song was written in 1984 by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen. He stated in interviews that it was about all the different kinds of hallelujahs in life. It has many different interpretations and cover versions. The acapella group Pentatonix has famously sung it at Christmastime, along with other performers.

For this song, you will want to review the chords C, Am, F, G, and E. You can view the chord chart here and be sure to check out this play-along by Terry Carter on the Uke Like the Pros YouTube Channel.

Feliz Navidad

Last but not least, Feliz Navidad is a very popular Christmas song written by Puerto Rican singer José Feliciano in 1970. He wrote the heartfelt lyrics but never knew it would become such a huge holiday song.

There are only four chords you need to know to play this song and those are D, G, A, and Bm. You can view the chord chart here. Terry Carter has made a perfect tutorial and play-along video for this song which you can watch here.


Now you have seven songs you can impress your friends and family with this season! You can also share your songs with everyone in the Community Forum on You can find some great membership packages there so you can continue with a great ukulele community in the new year. Enjoy your seasonal strumming!

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